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"Thank you so much for performing your show at our school. The entire student body loved the show, you, your kids, and related to your message. Involving the kids on stage and in dance moves was fun and exciting for us and for them. Your message is clearly directed to students and they see themselves through your life. It is not often that an adult can tell their story and it be the same as many students.


Your success gives students hope and gives us hope for them. We appreciate a fun, entertaining but very real story about the down side of life and the journey "moving on up." Your life and your ability to share it is a gift. You inspire all of us with your perseverance and humor. We can't say thank you enough."


Vicki Woody

Scott Middle School

“This is a program that all students need to see.  Mr. Aspell has a great message and the students get very involved in a good way. “ 


John Parker 

Principal, Scott Middle School

"Our students were entertained by an outstanding show full of laughs, audience particiapation, and a powerful message.  He motivates and involves the students throughout the show as his passion is conveyed through music.  Well worth the time and money to have him at our conference!"


Alisha Ridenour

Durant Middle School

Math Department

"We ended our week of  in-service with a motivational speaker that is undescribable.  It is hard to share with others unless they were there, the emotions that were felt.  It is so great to hear how God uses people especially during turmoil.  Thank you for your testimony!"


Carolyn Bryant

Hugo Oklahoma

Choctaw Head Start

"Thank you so much!!!!!! You have an amazing story and you truly touch peoples hearts!  You sure did mine!!"


Ginger McClain

Choctaw Head Start

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