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The motivational speaking segment is very funny, intense, and inspirational.  Brian uses his life story to motivate others to succeed.  Audience involvement and even a rap concert is a big part of the show.  Brian "Lil' B" Aspell will preform. Throughout the entire presentation Brian will use Classic Hip Hop/Rap to bring life to the event.


Brian will also bring his Dj who is his son Patrick aka P-Diddy to preform a selection of original songs and rock the house.


People love to be entertained.  The motivational speaking portion of the show is very entertaining in itself, but when LiL B' and P-Diddy turn up the music and drop those rhymes it gets crazy!  Music was always a big part of Brian's life and still a passion of his.  This is a great way to get people to relax and have fun!!


We always like to offer time for those interested to stop by and speak with us.  LiL B' and P-Diddy are always available after the show to meet and greet, take pictures, sign autographs, or just talk.


We offers an exclusive deal to all schools and events, it is called "The After Party". The after party is a meet and greet and dance.  P-Diddy will DJ the event and we will sell T-Shirts and have a "Meet and Greet".  We even bring our own system and lights.  More info can be provided


So many ask about the T-shirts.  Yes we do sell the T-Shirts at the "After Party".  They are also available on the website.  Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones to catch a shirt at the show.

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