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 Hood TO VP

Come and walk a mile in his shoes.  Many people look at where Brian is at in life and who he is today and they don't know the true journey that he has walked to get here.  Growing up in Fostoria Ohio being extremly abused physically and mentally, not fitting into society, surrounded by drugs and violence Brian had every reason and excuse to give up and fail.  At a very young age he told himself that he was going to overcome the odds.  Through the hard times baseball and music were his outlets.  These were areas where Brian was successful and he felt like he belonged, where he was part of something great.  Brian's  life was full of ups and downs.  "Hood to VP" takes you on that journey.  It is Intense, Funny, and Inspirational.  The rap music is still a very big part of Brian's life and he brings that to the stage.  It's off the Hook!!  Let Brian tell his story and inspire you!

Inspiration to Impact

Inspiration to Impact became the name of Brian's motivational speaking company.  Brian not only wants to inspire people to greatness, but make an Impact in their lives and in their community.  Brian is an industy leader in motivational speaking, youth leadership, and outreach.


In his engaging and unorthidox style of motivational speaking Brian gets the audience involved as he can motivates and inspires them.  He uses his life story to give others hope and convince them to not let what is going on now in their lives hold them back from where they want to go and to achieve what they are destined to acheive. 

Executive Motivation

Brian has over 20 years of leadership, management, and technical experience in the manufacturing industry. Prior to joining Champion Cooler as Vice President in 2011, he was Assistant General Manager of a 200 million dollar manufacturing facility in Clinton, Tn.  He has built his career from the bottom up starting on the shop floor to now Vice President of his current company.  Brian has had to overcome many obstacles in his life.  During his career, Brian has held positions of increasing responsibility.  He began his career in the United States Air Force where he served as Journeyman Aircraft Maintenance Technician from 1990 until 1994.  Brian is very passionate about his role as a leader.  He really strives on turning a company around through leadership and team building.  He believes that a company will never truly reach its full potential unless the entire team is focused on the vision and mission. Prior to 2011 Champion Cooler was struggling with culture and operational failures.  Through Brian's leadership Champion Cooler has won the 2012 Employer of the Year by the Texas Workforce Commision, the company is now a community leader with a positve culture, operations are now systematic and successful, and the company now thrives.  Brian enjoys the opportunity to motivate and coach other executives and staff on leadership and sharing success.  Let Brian keynote your next event.

Brian is always composing new music to share with people at his events. Music has been an important part of Brian's life. He shares his stories and experiences with his audiance and Brian's musical performances are often the highlight of the event. He is currently in the studio working on new tracks for upcoming engagements. Give a listen on the music page and download your copy today.

Upcoming Events

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